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About Company

Remark Kayser company is the leading producer of filtering, ventilation and dedusting equipment. Since 1995 our products have been applicable in establishments and buildings of public services in many different countries.

Since the beginning of our activity we have been focusing on the matters of ecology and environment protection. At first, our manufacturing activity was based on the production of filter bags and filtering conveyors (used in process of industrial dedusting). However, in order to satisfy our Customers, the company’s offer has been gradually extended to products such asfilters used in air conditioning and ventilating systems.

Thanks to fully automatic production lines attuned to the European Union´s standards and our vast machine park, we completely comply to our customers requirements and provide the highest quality products in any size and structure.

The basis of Remark Kayser’s strategy realization is satisfying customers’ expectations, building satisfaction of our employees and friendly relations with the local society. We aim to achieve this goal, so therefore we constantly tend to:

We have been trying to improve effectively all the processes taking place in Remark Kayser to prevent pollution and to meet valid legal requirements.

Thanks to the full commitment of the management and all our employees, this aim is possible to achieve.